Layout Design: Earthbound, in collaboration with owners.
Cabinetry Design & Crafted: Earthbound

Kembali cafe is the pre-eminent local meeting place in Blueys Beach, Central Coast NSW. Working closely with the proprietors, we collaborated to employ a range of salvaged hardwoods and low cost plywoods to display the warm and friendly feeling encompassed in the Cafe’s name - “Kembali” meaning “You’re welcome, come back!” In Indonesian.

The cafe has become a beacon for local’s, being busy and engaging throughout the year.

A tight budget, limited space and a building which was prescriptive to work within, gave the team a challenge. We employed CNC fabrication in consort with old school carpentry and a material palette, driven by availability and price, to get the Cafe up and running quickly and cost effectively.

The Hardwoods and plywoods were chosen for their reflection of the beach style living as well as their robustness and warmth. All the hardwoods used are salvaged, reflecting EARTHBOUND d+c’s on-going environmentally conscious design ethic and employing an industrial chic.