Design: Gavin Scott, collaboration in part with ISD architects

The Earthbound d+c HQ and test bed; was based in plan on the sketch of a fish skimming through a wave. A modest sized 170m2 house; designed as an exploration of ecological adaptive reuse, unique geometry, & small scale, high quality housing.

Highly detailed, there are features at every turn. Being the designer's own home gave the opportunity to be adventurous within a scale that reflects a passion for small to mid sized, long lasting quality design/build's. Shunning the conventional push for larger, less human-scaled houses. The owner's feel this is one part of minimising their ecological footprint, rather than relying on technological solutions and greenwash, to justify massive abodes.

The natural sinewy curves blend seamlessly into open plan living, capped by lightly wound roofs that twist in a reflection of the waves, trees and natural surrounds.

Strong application of timber joinery and expressed structures applies solid earth-masonry elements, anchoring the house to the hillside it melds into.

The careful use of natural and reused salvaged materials creates a welcoming atmosphere whilst maintaining a contemporary aesthetic. The house is a delight to live in and transposes itself into a steep site with finesse.