earthbound d+c offers the unique skill of building what it designs. We specialise in ecologically conscious, uniquely creative, residential and small scale commercial building projects.

When carrying a project from concept to fruition, we find that we are able to offer insight and depth that is commonly missing in the normal design to build process. Avoiding the confusion and contradictions makes our skill set both more efficient and able to handle the most complex of design ideas.
With over 25 years of experience; we are practiced in high quality workmanship and detailing, thriving off a challenge.

With a strong environmental emphasis, we incorporate many low impact techniques to improve the sustainable footprint of the built environment we create. Intuitively earthbound d+c endeavors to build into the site rather than impose. Often our projects appear to have grown from the surrounding environs, whilst maintaining their own separate identity.

At all times, clients’ requirements are respected. Considered responses to specific requirements are our forte.

By giving attention to the expression of the construction materials and structures, we develop forms that delight the eye and the soul. Tactile experiences abound; textures and play of light develop a sense of being. Surfaces are manipulated and animated; soft curves and strong lines stroke the emotions. 

Designs that are energy efficient and site-specific incorporate careful assessment of orientation and aspect. Passive application of the sun’s warmth and natural cooling breezes enhance your living experience. Spatial relationships are explored to create a fluid experience of moving through living spaces to landscape.

W open to all mediums, our team has unique practical expertise in earth building and the use of natural materials, including rammed earth, mudbrick, timber, strawbale, and light earth techniques. Combining these materials with a strong emphasis on craft and detail further enhances the perceptions of home. Low toxic finishes and material choice develops unique and healthy homes, with instant patina